"No Matter How Little Money and How Few Possessions, You Own, Having a Dog Makes You Rich"

Louis Sabin

I developed a love for the Beagle breed as a child; My father bought me a Beagle at the age of four. I purchased my first show beagle in 2004 from Shirley F Dowser of Shirlynn Kennels in Ontario. Shirley's bloodline is the foundation for my kennel. I bred my first litter in 2007. I titled my first home bred Champion in 2008. The best compliment I have received was being told that my passion for my dogs is prevalent. They are the focal point in my life. They bring a smile to my face each day, regardless of the weather or situation. They are my everything ... They make me whole.



Wilma, Main's Ruby Mist.

I am the Prairies Director for the Beagle Club of Canada (BCC). I am a member in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and the Regina Kennel and Obedience Club (RKOC).